About Us

Really...It’s All About You!

Tangentem C-7 Robot Mobility PlatformTangentem is an anything but traditional company. Born from 30 + years of manufacturing experience in large companies and small companies, our focus and joy is solving your quality or productivity problem.

Our C-7 Robot Mobility Platform is a robot mobility problem solver.   We can easily change the configuration to meet your needs. Big robot or little robot, we adjust the frame and rails to meet your mobility needs.

Because we come from manufacturing, we recognize that one size does not fit all needs. We also know what it’s like to reconfigure production lines, so our systems adapt to meet your layout.

Our job is to make your job easier.

Linear robot mobility is about to change forever. Our base system adapts to any rail length and any configuration. Floor Mount – Wall Mount or Inverted Mount, you decide. Adaptable to any collaborative robot manufacturer and any size. Operator controlled movement or integrated control.