C-7 Arc Systems

Thinking outside the linear box.

C-7 ARC system Your adding robots to get work done and sometimes that work doesn’t fall in a straight line! The C-7 ARC has you covered!

The C-7 ARC gives you the floor coverage of a small gantry system at a reasonable price.  Built on the same control platform we can move you in an arc, half circle or even in a full circle, decide what works best for your operation and we will bring your design to life!

C-7 ARC Features:
•    Integrated Programming
•    On Demand Moves
•    Easy Maintenance
•    On-board Safety

Linear robot mobility is about to change forever. Our base system adapts to any rail length and any configuration. Floor Mount – Wall Mount or Inverted Mount, you decide. Adaptable to any collaborative robot manufacturer and any size. Operator controlled movement or integrated control.