C-7 Linear Rail Systems

C-7 Linear Rail System video

C-7 Linear 7th Axis

C-7 Linear system configurationStandard configuration length up to 30 linear foot

  • Length limited by robot communication cable
    • Custom communications cables can extend length
    • Optional On board robot controller enables nearly unlimited length

Off the shelf components

  • Replacement parts direct from parts manufacturers

Simple operation

  • Universal Robots Integrated Control
    • Easy integration of Fanuc – Kuka – ABB – Motoman – Denso – Yaskawa
      • XmlRpc Base communications
  • Moveable waypoints:    
    • Move – Calibrate – Run
  • Easy Maintenance:
    • Maintenance free rail and carriage system
    • Stepper motor drive – no encoders

Programming integrated into Universal Robots programming system

On board and integrated safety

  • Independent on board -  person and object bump safety
  • Integrated communication with Robot monitors safety condition

IOT Ready

  • Windows 10 pro onboard embedded computer
  • Control program written in Java
  • Network capable

Frame and rail configuration configurable to your needs.

Controls can be adapted to any language

Linear robot mobility is about to change forever. Our base system adapts to any rail length and any configuration. Floor Mount – Wall Mount or Inverted Mount, you decide. Adaptable to any collaborative robot manufacturer and any size. Operator controlled movement or integrated control.