Maintenance Program

Tangentem has built a simplified Maintenance Program that looks at your process step by step. Our process identifies critical components and gives you a path to targeted PM’s to ensure mission critical components are reliable and unscheduled downtime is minimized.

We use a fusion of tools from Reliability Centered Maintenance and Quality Function Deployment to step through your process and identify mission critical components based on your understanding of the cost of failure of those components.

We reach back into your store room to ensure that you are optimizing purchasing of critical parts. The approach to maintenance is as critical as maintenance itself.

Optimize your Maintenance Process the Tangentem Way!

Linear robot mobility is about to change forever. Our base system adapts to any rail length and any configuration. Floor Mount – Wall Mount or Inverted Mount, you decide. Adaptable to any collaborative robot manufacturer and any size. Operator controlled movement or integrated control.