Work Positioning

The reach of robots is limited to the length of their arm. This means that typically work has to be moved into and out of the robot envelope. Doing this with precision can be challenging. 

The C-7 work positioning system allows you to precisely control where and when products are delivered to or taken away from the robot work envelope. We can custom design a work positioning system for nearly any application.

  • Deliver products to the robot for assembly
  • Take products away from the robot for further processing or packaging
  • Move full pallets of product into the envelope
  • Move full pallets of product out of the envelope
    • All with fully integrated programming

We have the technology to control movement and integrate it into the robot control system and using the right sized linear actuator we can really move anything anywhere with precision.  We will custom design a system to meet your needs in a cost effective manner.

Linear robot mobility is about to change forever. Our base system adapts to any rail length and any configuration. Floor Mount – Wall Mount or Inverted Mount, you decide. Adaptable to any collaborative robot manufacturer and any size. Operator controlled movement or integrated control.